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There are several universities across the world that provide fully-funded scholarships to international students.

United States
Fully-funded scholarships in the United States cover tuition, health insurance, living allowance, and flight fare. Here are the top universities and colleges in the US that provide fully-funded scholarships to students outside the US:

University of Alabama
George Washington University
University of Miami
University of Georgia
Drake University
University of Chicago
Louisiana State
Duke University
Providence College
South Western University
University of Richmond
Washington and Lee University

United Kingdom
There are several universities in the UK that exhibit utmost generosity to international students by offering fully-funded scholarships. Winning these scholarships, which cover tuition, living stipend, flight, expenditure, and other simple needs depends on the applicant’s academic achievement and financial background. Here is a list of some of the best universities in the UK that provide full scholarships to international students:

University of Cambridge
University of Oxford
Imperial College London
King’s College London
London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
University College London (UCL)

International students who wish to pursue a master’s or PhD. Program in Canada should try applying for scholarships offered by these universities:

University of Toronto
The University of Alberta
The University of British Columbia.

Australian universities provide full academic scholarships to high-performing international students who wish to further their studies but lack financial support.  Here are some of the top universities offering scholarships:
University of Adelaide
University of Sydney

Tuition fee in Germany is extremely low and the good thing is that students can find work to pay for their expenses. However still as an international student, you can find fully funded scholarships from these universities.
Ruhr-University Bochum
Universität Freiburg
Heidelberg University
Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

Rest of Europe
Scholarships awarded by these universities include tuition fees, monthly allowance, lodging allowance, and health insurance.
University of Tokyo (Japan)
Temple University (Japan)
Kyushu University (Japan)
Ghent University (Belgium)
Liege University (Belgium)
University of Maastricht (Netherlands)
University of Groningen (Netherlands)
University of Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Tsinghua University (China)
Fully Funded University Scholarships for International Students
There are several opportunities for international students to study abroad. Scholarships for studying abroad are available from different sources and the eligibility varies from one country to another.

To win a scholarship, you have to know what kind of scholarship fits you, where to find it and how to apply for it.
British Chevening Scholarships (UK)

One of the most competitive scholarships, Chevening enables outstanding students who possess high leadership skills to pursue one-year master’s degrees in the United Kingdom. Chevening provides fully-funded scholarships that cover your tuition fee, living allowance, and some fee on your expenditure. This, therefore, leaves you with all that you need to excel in your study and research.

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships

The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships are awarded by the Swiss Confederation every year to enable young researchers and scholars to pursue their doctorate and postdoctoral research in Swiss universities.

Fulbright Foreign Student Program

The Fulbright Foreign Student Program assists students and professionals across the world to study in the United States. The program which benefits students from over 160 countries across the globe has enabled 5000 foreign students to complete their studies and research in the US. Fulbright’s scholarships are administered by the US Embassies and commissions.

Swedish Scholarships for International Students

These are scholarships offered by the Swedish Institute to qualifying international students from developing countries. The scholarships are fully funded for master’s students and they cater for almost everything while studying in Sweden.

Gates Cambridge Scholarships

Gates Cambridge offers fully-funded scholarships to outstanding students from countries outside the United Kingdom to study a postgraduate degree of their choice at the University of Cambridge.

Clarendon Scholarships at the University of Oxford

The Clarendon Scholarship Fund allows you to study at the prestigious Oxford University in the UK. Benefiting more than 130 applicants every year, the scholarship is awarded based on your academic excellence at the graduate level.

VLIR-UOS Training and Masters Scholarships

The Belgian program awards scholarships to applicants from 31 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America to study the selected master’s program. The scholarship which enables you to study programs taught in English covers your tuition fee, travel, and accommodation allowances.

Warwick Chancellor’s International Scholarships

Warwick Chancellor’s International Scholarships are awarded to the most excellent international and EU students who wish to study for their PhD in the UK. The scholarship fully covers the tuition fee, maintenance allowance as well as research and training.

Adelaide Global Academic Excellence Scholarships for International Students

The University of Adelaide in Australia Global Academic Excellence Scholarship is a highly competitive award that is offered to undergraduate and postgraduate international students who have exhibited academic high excellence in previous studies.

University of Sydney International Research Scholarships
Apply for the University of Sydney International Research Scholarships to study a master’s or Postgraduate Research Degree of your choice in Australia. The scholarship supports you for 3 years, covering tuition fees and accommodation.

Westminster Full International Scholarships

The University of Westminster enables students from Africa, Asia, and Latin America to study an undergraduate program in the United Kingdom. The scholarship fully caters to tuition, accommodation, flight, and living expenses.

University of Maastricht High Potential Scholarships

The University of Maastricht High Potential Scholarships is awarded to students outside the European Economic Area (EEA) to study for a master’s degree at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands.

ETH Zurich Excellence Masters Scholarship Program

ETH Zurich enables students with high academic excellence to study for a Master’s degree by waiving the tuition fees as well as covering the accommodation and study expenses. The ETH Zurich scholarship is made possible through the Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme (ESOP).

TU Delft Excellence Scholarships

The Delft University of Technology through her Excellence Scholarships enables the world’s best students to gain access to the international arena. Eligible candidates who want to pursue a master’s program in the Netherlands should take advantage of this scholarship as it fully funds your tuition fee and living expenses.

Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship (AES)

The Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship of about €25,000 which covers tuition and living expenses for one academic year. However, the scholarship can be extended for the second year when the beneficiary is pursuing a two-year master’s program. This scholarship is the work of the Amsterdam University Fund that is also supported by alumni of the University of Amsterdam.

You can find scholarships at any university by visiting their official websites. Scholarship information can be found in the “Admission Application”, “Fees and Funding” or “Scholarships” sections. If there’s something you cannot find on their websites, you can write to or call their representatives through the contacts provided on the website.

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