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If you love writing and can learn fast, then academic writing is one of the easiest ways to make money. For graduates, this can be a good way for you to make money before securing a job. Having written several term papers and other academic papers in college, all you now need is a computer and stable internet.

Academic writing only requires you to possess important research skills and put in more time on your seat.
What is academic writing?
Academic writing is clear, concise, focused, structured, and backed up by evidence. Its essence is to facilitate the reader’s understanding.

Academic writing is a formal kind of writing that is written in a logical order to answer questions by using evidence and supporting arguments. It is the style of writing used in higher learning institutions and publication organizations in writing scholarly articles such as dissertations, essays, journal articles, and research papers. In academic writing, the writer is required to be very clear (without using unnecessary vocabulary) in demonstrating their understanding of the subject matter.

How to become an academic write

Becoming an academic writer is not as hard as it appears to many. You only need to follow the right procedure and adhere to the principles of formal writing. Most importantly, it is of great essence to understand the writing process since it is only through this that one can develop key academic writing skills.
Understand the question

The first step of becoming a good academic writer is understanding what the project requires from you. Missing to answer the question correctly results in a reduction of your rating and consequently the money you earn.

It is important to vividly dig into the question at hand and seek clarification on unclear parts of the research project. Understand the formatting style, the number of pages required, and the time given to complete the task. Understanding the question helps you to plan well for her to answer it.

Research well
As a writer, you should develop a habit of reading as many materials as possible. Reading makes it easy for you to research various topics. In conducting research, you are expected to gather as many resources as possible in a bid to answer the question provided.

Remember in academic writing, the more resources you use in generating your argument, the more valid the argument becomes.
Read, write, reread and edit
Always read and try to understand the topic. The best way of writing a strong academic argument is to put a lot of effort into the writing process. Apart from just writing, you need to read and reread your work.

Rigorously revising your paper can help minimize mistakes that can reduce the strength of your paper.

Avoid plagiarism
Plagiarism is the presentation of another person’s work as your own without acknowledging them. Doing this with or without their knowledge is highly prohibited in academic writing. Therefore, as a writer, you have to cite and reference all other people’s sources used to generate your argument.

Types of academic writing
To be a good academic writer, you need to differentiate between the four types of academic writing since each paper may require a different type of approach. Persuasive, descriptive, analytical, and critical writing are the major types of academic writing and each type has its distinctive feature.

Descriptive writing mostly used to write reports and summaries is a type of writing that requires the writer to bring forward information on a given topic. Academic projects that need a definition, identification, or summary are answered by descriptive academic writing.

Analytical writing is used to compare situations, relate issues, and examine aspects vividly. It employs a descriptive form of writing however it calls for a reorganization of information to fit into various categories.  A good example of an analytical paper explains the pros and cons of a given issue.

Persuasive writing requires you to go a step further to bring out your point of view and convince the audience that the idea is correct. Your point of view can be their interpretation of a particular finding, recommendations that they offer, or an argument that they wish to bring forth. Here every point brought forward must be supported by evidence such as referencing other publications to convince the reader that you are not the only one who holds that view on the topic.

Critical writing is a type of writing that offers you an opportunity to present more than one point of view. On top of the researcher’s point of view, the writer also has an opportunity to express their feelings on the topic discussed. common for research, postgraduate and advanced undergraduate writing. An example of critical writing is a paper that requires you to critique another academic article.

Academic writing accounts
The academic writing industry is served by several writing accounts which are characterized by different features. Some of the accounts pay relatively higher than others while some of them have plenty of jobs compared to others. The level of strictness also varies from one account to another which is a key determinant of the closure of your account.

Therefore, when choosing an academic writing account, you should evaluate your experience and skill set rather than the amount of money each account pays.

Having been in place for about 15 years, Uvocorp is considered to be among the oldest writing accounts. Their long period of service has seen them rise steadily to one of the most attractive and reliable accounts. Besides, the account’s payment rates are relatively higher compared to many accounts. Due to its high demand, owning an Uvo account is not a walk in the park. The account pays as much as $25 per page through PayPal and Payoneer at the start and mid of every month. To work with Uvocorp, you have to possess serious academic writing skills since their support is highly strict.

Writer by
Writerbay is Uvocorp’s competitor in almost every aspect. This account pays handsomely but you have to provide a high-quality job. They have built a good reputation for over 10 years which they cannot risk losing because of shoddy work. With this account, you can averagely make $2,000 making it a very attractive platform.

The Ukrainian company works with several other affiliates writing platfexplainsich explain the high number of orders on the account. Despite many orders flowing in regularly, the cost per page differs according to the complexity of the work.

Having operated for more than 10 years, 4Writers attracts several writers. The site is relatively easier for beginners despite its strictness in time, grammar, and plagiarism. Working with 4writers you can be assured of a payment rate that ranges from $4 to $15 per page depending on the urgency of the job. Payment is mainly done through PayPal and Webmoney twice a month.

Unemployed Professors
As the name suggests, UnemployedProfessors is an online platform that helps students to connect to academic experts who can perform their assignments. Without a doubt, the account offers high-quality work to its clients since all writers on this site are believed to be experts. The account pays handsomely (up to $24 per page) and therefore for you to own an account here you have proof that your skills are on another level.

Writers Hub
Writers Hub is one of the easiest accounts to create. It has a continuous supply of jobs regardless of the season, hence attracting a good number of writers. The CPP rate is relatively low but for beginners and writers who want to have a continuous supply of jobs throughout the year, this is the best platform. Despite the acceptance of many applications daily, the number of writers using the site has remained stagnant for years. This can be attributed to the notorious termination of accounts by the support group. The site’s main method of payment is PayPal but be sure to be fined heavily upon poor turtles

Nerdy Turtlez
The Indian writing site is preferred by writers from low-income countries such as those from Africa and parts of Asia. The site is however feared by many writers due to low payment and constant change of rules of operation. The site mostly relies on Artificial Intelligence as a mode of communication.

Studypool is a tutoring site that enables students to connect with people around the world who can offer academic assistance. The site has a stabbing flow of jobs at all seasons but the competition to get a job is very high. Jobs are distributed among writers depending on their expertise and history of job completion.

Therefore, common knowledge can tell you that as a newbie, you have to work across the clock to sustain a Studypool account. It is one of the few platforms that have introduced mobile money transfer (M-Pesa) as its method of payment. They also pay through PayPal and Payoneer.

Edusson is also among the top academic writing platforms due to its good payment and consistent flow of work. With this account, you can make up to $1200 if you are a serious writer. Their support staff is quite understanding and their response is very swift.

Registering an account here successfully is a bit hard but you should give it a try. Notably, they pay through Payoneer and Skrill on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Having been in operation for more than 13 years the company remains one of the top providers of quality work to their clients. Their customer service team is considered the best among many. Acadeitsesearch pays its writers twice a month with an average payment of $8 per page.

This account is widely known for the diversity of jobs that flow into the writers’ end throughout the year.  However, before you successfully register an account here be sure to pass a grammawriteas well as writing a 60-minute winning essay.

To become a good academic writer, you must stay focused and allow yourself to learn every day. Academic writing requires you to invest a significant amount of time if you are to earn from it. Besides you need to be up to date with various writing styles and formats because academic writing is a very dynamic industry. Above all, ensure you get the right academic site that can fit your skillset to avoid disappointments.

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